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Start by lying flat on your back on a comfortable surface. This could be a carpet, exercise pad, or even your bed. Center the nolarola under the middle of your back, with your spine in the notch of the Central Section.

Move the nolarola up your back in small increments of an inch or less, pausing at each location for a moment. Tender spots indicate a little more time is needed. Ease into them, breathe slowly and deeply, and the tenderness will subside.

Sensations of tingling, “clicking,” or warmth are indications that you are getting results. Do not roll on it except in short back and forth movements which increase the massage action. Attempting to roll for any distance only tenses the muscles you are trying to relax.

As you gain experience, you can move it further up your back to the shoulder area, and on to your neck or down your back to reach the low back and on to the buttocks. For the first few sessions, however, let your body get used to the nolarola by starting in the mid-back.